Tonebleed: a new innovative application for musicians

Our editorial staff has eye everywhere. On emerging artists, but also on companies and new musical technologies that make it possible to innovate and change the industry. So focus, because we need to talk to you about something.

Do you have a band? Tonebleed is a group of music-loving metalheads who are working on solving an epic problem. They are working on an app for bands that helps them create better music and communicate more effectively. It’s the only tool of its kind, so if you’re looking to take your band to the next level, this is it!

“We want to help musicians make better music by giving them access to their own personal riff management system. This will allow them to collaborate remotely with other members of their band or even other bands on songs they’ve written. We invite you into our community to help us make this tool truly great and useful to everyone.” Says René from Tonebleed.

Actually the “basic Idea” is set up and is now tested under real conditions. So soon there will be a BETA Test for interested musicians. You can sign up for their beta release at []( and if you have any feedback or suggestions for what features you’d like added, they would love your input too – Join the discussion in their Facebook Group:

Keep an eye on this new 3.0 initiative, we will not be surprised to see it attracting an increasingly growing community of musicians all over the world.

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