Ultra_eko, the UK hip-hop artist from South London, drops the first single from upcoming album

‘Venom’ is Ultra_eko’s first release of 2022, and the opening single from the forthcoming album, ‘On Trial, Part One’, released in March, the first half of a two-part album.

The track is intense and heavy trip, and Ultra creates a dark and eerie universe with its soundscape. His flow cuts to the bone and the verse are pointed, sharp, and relevant. There is a deathly foreboding that hangs heavy over the track, as in a clever array of styles get brought into the sound from hard Rap to Trap to little snippets of Industrial to give it that haunted edge.

Vocals however prove to be the true hallmark for there is an urgency, a desperation that defines the best of rap. Both old school and contemporary, there is a cryptic quality to the way the many patterns merge together.
Nods to some of the greats emerge over the course of the track. Due to the extremely heavy subject matter, Biggie Smalls appears to be a key influence. The washed-out urban greys that Biggie used to great effect come through quite brilliantly on this track. Going on the more modern side of things, the rather haunted presence that the song radiates throughout gives it that experimental edge that Danny Brown has used in a lot of his Warp Records output, for there is a gloom to it. However, the sound does have a distinctive, feel it in the bones aspect that is absolutely entrancing. Volume is not a must it is a given. This crushes virtually every single thing in its path.

This is a huge track and a strong opening to the year from South London’s Ultra_eko. Out now on all platforms, with visuals available on YouTube, composed by Israeli video producer, Eli Lev.

Listen on Apple Music HERE.