Bryce Trent invites you into his outstanding musical world

Bryce Trent. Remember his name as he is on the path to be the next star. Indeed, a few artists can offer new sounds, to change the music industry. Bryce Trent is among those who have the talent to make waves in the musical world. This is obviously from the first listening to his music.

We discovered him thanks to his latest album “EVOLUTION”, a surprising opus, never-heard-before. From “Symptoms” to “Sea Goddess”,  Bryce Trent blessed our ears and soul with unique energy and futuristic yet pure flow.

Low-fi hip-hop, hints of soul music and cinematic elements: “EVOLUTION” is an appealing artistic experience that places it among the best project of 2021.

There is something raw, authentic, like an urgent feeling to express his guts to the world. The 5-tracks project is fresh air in a world that creates clones, and he will inspire a large audience. 

Bryce Trent is part of a generation of creatives who offer real music and save the game.