Welcome to the incredible world of Nanoviola and her new track: “Violathene”

Our redaction loves to discover unique vibes, artists who put the music forward and bring new sounds to the table. Our discovery of the day goes by the name of Nanoviola, and she is a beautiful surprise thanks to her latest offering “Violathene”. 

Nanoviola, real name Natalia Novikova, offers through “Violathene” a splendid musical exploration between electronic EDM instrumentation and classic sound. The experimental journey creates a contrast, an amalgam where nothing matters but expressing one’s feelings and creativity.

Graduated from the Bremen University of art, her expertise and talent for playing the viola are rare and precious. She sublimates the viola, this little-known instrument, her best ally.

Nanoviola has a large range of creativity and creates out of the beaten tracks: this is promising! Listen to “Violathene” now: