New release alert: Doottak has shared his new album “In Fact, I do”

2022 ends on the perfect note thanks to our selection of the day: “In Fact, I Do”, the new album by Doottak

We discovered the 8-track opus, released today and we fall in love with the stunning mix of sounds. Magic and surprising, Doottak offers a journey through folk music, tinted by an R’N’B-soul fusion, and touches of melancholic soft-rock. 

From “19” to “Circling”, the project offers pure melodies, with healing vocal performances that play with your imagination, leaving you in peace. Doottak’s voice is relaxing, colored by a pleasant nostalgia that sens us into unworldly places. 

More than a musical record, “In Fact, I Do” is an artistic experience to discover right now for the promise of an authentic artistic expression. 

It is out now on all music platforms, be ready to press play and enjoy Doottak’s universe:

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