Album of the year: “Hypermode” Up by SC4Real

It is rarer and rarer for artists to release albums, but fortunately, some of them are creative enough to offer complete projects. SC4Real is one of them.

With his latest offering “Hypermode”, he proves that he has a well-deserved placed among the greatest. The 20 tracks project is generous and appealing from start to finish, and that’s a rare thing, we are not going to lie. 

SC4Real delivers real hip-hop vibes with flawless rap technique, as well as vanguard sound between trap, electronic elements and old school hints. 

“Hypermode” is a success and brings something different to the table, never-heard creativity and infectious energy.

The album is going to make waves among tastemakers around the world. The public will adopt it and we predict SC4Real a bright future in the industry. 

Bravo SC4Real and thank you for this musical gift! 

Press play right now:

What SC4Real says about the album creative process:

“During the sessions of my first mixtape/project Shock Combat HD I noticed that I was using a sound and style that I was overlooking, so I began to go through my catalog of beats and I realized that I was making these energy filled but cool, synth infused beats. So a few weeks after finishing up HD I began to build on the next project and at that time I didn’t know what direction I was going in but I felt very excited about the project. I came up with the album title before the project was completed. I chose the title Hypermode because I felt like I was gonna take my music to another level and place. I challenged myself as a writer and producer to make a “complete body of work”.

I knew with being my goal I had to pull back certain layers of myself. I studied  artist and producers such as Dr.Dre, Chucky Thompson of The Hitmen, Stevie Wonder, Pharrell , KANYE West and so many more. During the 2 months of the Hypermode sessions I recorded 40 plus songs and out of the 40 plus songs I chose 20 for the album. I rode around for weeks making sure I had the right tracks and that the flow of the album felt good and sounded good.” SC4Real