Best of early 2022: Euphony Bars new single “Remember Grenada”

Be ready to discover our selection for the best track to celebrate early 2022. A hip-hop revelation: “Remember Grenada” by the genius Euphony Bars.

In an era where Hip-hop and music, in general, create clones, we were totally thrilled to discover this authentic hip-hop banger, about the Fall of Grenada in 1942. The first bars set the tone by unveiling a pure Hip-Hop instrumental. A bass line enters into your head, with an old school flavour, and here comes Euphony Bars’ flawless flow. 

Let’s be honest, it’s been a while that we did not hear such quality, in the rap bars, in the lyrics, in realization and the story-telling.

Powerful, we honestly think that “Remember Grenada” is a musical gift. Dig it on: