Collare Bianco Launches Two New Clothing Lines Under 1924 Music Group

Baltimore-based clothing line Collaire Bianco has some major announcements. As it is home to rising artists Qui Qui Martin, TSO Tadoe, Yung Inkky, GG CMals, and Lor Sosa who are currently on tour, the brand is rolling out two new clothing lines for Mals, and Tadoe. As both artists are diligently putting out consistent music and visuals, adding a clothing line to their roster is right on time. Founded by 1924 Music Group co-founder Jay Hawthorne, this clothing line brand is housed under The Brand Clothing Store located in Maryland, and Raleigh, North Carolina. Fans of Tadoe and Mals are able to now purchase exclusive merchandise in store and online as they will be performing locally and across the world this year.

TSO Tadoe’s exclusive clothing line is called Geetchy. Named after his 2021 EP release titled “Everything Geetchy”, Tadoe wanted to have something that his fans could wear at his concerts and at home as a true supporter of his. On top of that, he understands the power of creating generational wealth as a recording artist, and this is one way he plans to do so. As for GG CMals, his clothing brand is titled “Dumb Ass”, sometihng he has been working on all year. As most clothing lines produce just shirts, hats, pants, Mals is stepping outside the norm, plastering his Dumb Ass logo on visers and men boxers. He is making sure the fellas have dope merchandise to wear in support of him even when they go to sleep.

With 1924 Music Group supporting all of their artists’ endeavors, GG CMals and TSO Tadoe are on track to have a successful clothing line to match their successful music careers. Stay tuned for the rollout of “Dumb Ass” and “Geetchy” as both lines are set be released in summer of 2022.