Delightful and healing: “Changes” by Juhan Ongbrian feat. Shane Sato

We end the week on the best note thanks to our discovery of the day, a brilliant instrumental track titled “Changes” by guitarist,producer and mixer Juhan Ongbrian in collaboration with drummer, producer Shane Sato.

In these grey times, we needed to disconnect from our grey routine and both of the artists offer that possibility. They proves that quality and creativity can still exist by blending jazzy-soul melodies into a charming structure.

The guitars are healing, relaxing and give us hope again, the sweet rhythms rock our ears and offer the promise of better days. Juhan Ongbrian and Shane Sato are an amazing team, as they delivers  fresh musical vision where authentic music is honoured, made with passion and technic, poetry and joy.

“Changes” will certainly enlighten your weekend. Click play and add this gem to your best playlist: