Welcome to our first musical discovery of 2022, and not the least. This is indeed a new track from Hologram Boy, an artist we already knew about.

The Italian proves through “DEFRAG PUNTO EXE”, feat with Miss Virtuality again, that he is a complete artist who has developed a sound that stands out. The universe of this new single draws its inspiration from a wide range of electronic influences.

His music combines dance energy with spokenword sonorities, for a very successful and colorful result. The psychedelic and retro touch send us once again to a world of beautiful musical fusion, and a futuristic vision where humans are holograms.

“DEFRAG PUNTO EXE” is highly recommended for fans of musical originality and new worlds to explore and embrace. The production is crafted in a special and imaginary way, and allows the music to create an original texture and a dynamic atmosphere.

Immerse yourself in “DEFRAG PUNTO EXE” without further delay, it’s like entering a spaceship to take off and never come back: