Discovering UTE in 5 questions

You already know UTE as our redaction covered her music for a while now. Indeed, her stunning discography keeps surprising her and the singer-songwriter keeps growing in the international musical landscape.

Today, we’ve had the honour to have a little chat with her about her inspirations, her career and future projects. Let’s listen o her sonic vision between jazz and modern pop again and discover our conversation with her below :

Welcome UTE, we are glad to have you today. For those who don”t know you, tell us who you are and how you started to make music?

Hello! I am Ute, I am a singer and actress.
At the age of four years old I have started singing and never stop until today.  My biggest influence and love for music was given to me by my Dad. I used to sing together with him or listen to him singing musicals or movie songs.

What inspired you to write and sing “Keeping The Spirit?

Between 2020 and 2021 a lot of sad events have happened in my life. This song is a kind of encouragement not only for me, but also for my listeners to keep on fighting for your dreams. Take life day by day and never give up.

We are interested to know about is your creative process!

I work on my voice almost everyday to try out new things and new ways to be inspired. Dealing with day to day life like all of us will give me the extra push to search and accept new ways to be creative. Creativity is everywhere if you want it to be.

Can you describe your latest release “Keeping The Spirit”?

This song is a soft ballad with a big message. Try to keep your spirit and never give up. Nobody knows what tomorrow brings, so try to be ready and take life day by day. “Keeping The Spirit” is also the title song from the 2nd part of my documentary series.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Preparing for all the things that need to be done for the release of Part 2 of my documentary series “Keeping The Spirit”. It will come out soon and it will be accompanied by a a beautiful matching soundtrack.
The ending of the documentary shows the words; To Be Continued. Little teaser…………there might be a Part 3 next year.
Stay tuned for more.