Discovering Myglö’s new album: Generation X

We are happy to end the year on a good note thanks to the upcoming band Myglö’s new album: “Generation X”.

The 13 tracks album features surprising tracks rocked but infectious guitars, touches of electro music, and nostalgic vocals.

We met with Myglö who told us about their career and musical journey. Discover the band in 5 questions!

Tell us who you are and how you started to do music together?

We were part of a band doing exclusively covers in Ulm, a small town in the south of Germany. A year ago, Lö, the French member of the group started to compose a few tracks in French and exclusively with electronic instruments. Very quickly, Lö realized that despite the vocals, the songs were missing something essential: a human touch. Lö reached out to MYg, a talented self-educated Spanish guitarist and they started to compose tracks together with the clear ambition to position MYgLö as a vocals-guitars duet.

What inspires you to write music?

Our music is clearly influenced by the greatest guitar players like Eric Clapton, Santana and also by artists and bands as diverse as Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, Gravitonas, Mylène Farmer… Ou lyrics are clearly inspired by our experience of life and each song corresponds to a moment in our lives, a person, an event that has been defined the persons we are today.

What is your creative process?

It depends 😉 But one thing is certain : it always starts with the music : a chord progression on which a melody is built, a melody crossing our mind and captured on a voice memo and then the chords… The lyrics come soon after. Once everything is in place, the guitar riffs are added as a key component that makes everything stick together.


Tell us more about your latest release!

Our latest release is our first album “Generation X”. After releasing 7 tracks as singles we have decided to release 6 new ones to “close” this one-year project. Generation X contains 13 tracks but don’t ask us which one we prefer… It’s like asking parents which of their children they prefer! This first album is probably close to what is defined as pop-rock. We like to define our music as bitter sweet electro pop-rock. Bitter sweet because of the lyrics themselves that are sometimes joyful, sometimes more dark but always with profound meaning and reflection. On the joy side, “Son” is dedicated to all the fathers who have the chance like us to have sons, “Fierce Queen” is clearly referring to our respective wives who are full of life! On a darker note, “the sadness in your eyes”, “I ain’t going any further”, “Ungiven love” are linked to losses and deep disappointment we have faced in our lives. “Generation X”, “I don’t know”, “When is enough” are describing without, being complaisant, the world we are living in.

 Your musical plans for the future?

Our plan for the future is already quite clear : we are finalizing a second album entirely in French this time. We plan to drop the first tracks at the beginning of 2021.