Discovering the sound of Kenai

Our Friday ends on the perfect note thanks to the artist who will make our weekend: Kenai.

Thanks to his music, the producer, also a DJ, is ready to impact the electronic culture. Fans of EDM and hardstyle music are invited to listen to his powerful and hard-hitting sound that instantly transports you into new sonic spheres.

Kenai is the kind of DJ/Producer that we can’t wait to see playing at our favourite parties, and that will make sure to put you into an addictive trance thanks to his wild rhythms and threatening synthesizers.

Dive into Kenai’s experience now and read our conversation with him below :

Who are and how did you start to make music?

I’m Matteo Pellegrinelli aka Kenai , I’m a Raw/Hardstyle Dj/Producer from 2017. I have always been passionate about Hard Music and now I work on doing this.

What inspires you to create your sound?

I have always been inspired by famous DJs who perform in big festivals and now I’m trying to be like them to show everyone my music.

What is your creative process?

There is no specific creative process, my creativity varies from anything, movies, particular places or particular moments of ever life that I want to describe through my songs.

Can you describe your latest release?

In my latest release “Valley of Evil”, I describe the place where I live, where you have no career options in this job. (Because it’s a small town) but in small steps I have achieved great results by having my music heard all over the world.

What can we expected from you in the future?

My future plans are to move to the Netherlands as soon as possible and be able to play in the best Dutch festivals and continue living with this job.