Focus on Mellah Nix, our artist of the day

Our focus of the day is on our favourite discovery of the weekend, the one and only Mellah Nix.

The artist made an incredible impression on our redaction thanks to his epic EP “Either Love ME or Leave ME Alone”, and believe us, the opus will accompany your whole season.

Indeed, in an area where hip-hop creates clones and quality is neglected, the rapper, also a visual artist, offers a powerful experience where authentic rap blends with strong messages and a sense of creativity.

A touch of old-school, and above all sharp and addictive flows: this is what offers “Either Love ME or Leave ME Alone”, and this is inspiring. Listen to it now and discover Mellah Nix in 4 questions below:

What inspires you to create music ?

My musical influences are classic rock and anything that isn’t blasting out of anyones car. 

What is your creative process?

The conversation that me and the beat have.

What is your latest release?

My latest release is a trapmetal EP which is out now.

What do you plan for the future ?

To get into tech and or robotics