Mark Vickness Unveils Extraordinary Instrumental Journey with ‘In the Rain Shadow’

Mark Vickness, leading the instrumental project MVI (Mark Vickness Interconnected), introduces us to a transcendent musical experience with the album “In the Rain Shadow.” This exceptional work catapults listeners beyond the constraints of time, inviting them to explore the realms of imagination and nature.

The acoustic productions are meticulously arranged, weaving a tapestry of heart-soothing instruments, majestic strings, solar rhythms, and mesmerizing orchestrations. “In the Rain Shadow” transcends genre conventions, offering an authentic and pure musical experience—a canvas where myriad genres converge like a painting with a thousand colors.

Mark Vickness showcases his artistic mastery, creating a sonic masterpiece that defies categorization. Each track is a unique journey, evoking emotions and painting vivid landscapes with musical notes. “In the Rain Shadow” stands as an extraordinary testament to the power of music :

“MVI is intended to reflect musically the idea that we are all part of one incredibly diverse human family. As a composer, this is my dream ensemble. Each musician is an accomplished soloist adept at many different types of music. They all bring an astounding breadth and depth of musical understanding and experience. There is almost no style of music we cannot draw from. We have a classical trio (violin, cello, oboe), a jazz quartet, percussion instruments from almost every continent and virtuoso players capable of playing pretty much anything I put in front of them from funk to raga style improvisation, from interwoven counterpoint to rock power chords, from a fast Irish 12/8 romp to an ambient textural tapestry and more – they do it all with ease and with an infectious energy that is palpable on every track. I could not be more grateful to be able to work with these remarkable musicians!”