Indie powerhouse The Lost Gecko is back and better than ever with their newest single ‘I Can Hear Echoes.’

It is sonically and lyrically their best song and shows a continuing upward trajectory for the up-and-coming band.

One of the unmistakable qualities of The Lost Gecko is their ability to create stunning sounding music. They accomplish a lot with a little. The guitars, bass, drums, and cello all swell together to create a delicate yet powerful sound that displays the exact emotions the lyrics are going for.

Lyrically, the song is about a woman whose cancer was carried away by wolves.

These silver dogs
Push out the pain inside
That’s trying to eat me
The silver birch
Breathes life to me from my bed,
The dusk sets in, I smell the fear within
But this is not me
Theses water droplets send my soul to sleep again.

It is lovely storytelling and just ambiguous enough to be relatable in less literal ways. This is a skill that cannot be understated as it gives the song layers and relatability. The ability to tell a story and do it in a way that others can strongly relate is a gift. It makes The Lost Gecko special. It also makes them on of my favourite bands that you should definitely give a listen. They have an unmistakable talent and are deserving of all of the attention they get.

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