Into the incredible Mahamaya Experience

Mahamaya Experience teams up with Ranjit Makkuni, and Sitar to unveil a splendid musical journey named “Mahamaya Panorama- Demo Reel”.

We will end the week on a joyful and perfect note thanks to that surprising and unworldly musical experience. In a world where music is made with machines and tasteless signatures, Mahamaya Experience has created a whole world effortlessly combining Indian sonorities, with futuristic soundscapes.

It is difficult to describe their music with conventional words as they create with several genres, from pop to rock, passing by some subtle RNB sonorities, and team up with the best vocal performer to offer an unexpected sonic world. It gives you hope, joy, peace and love.

We dive into a mystical, healing and addictive journey, far from what we are used to, with emotions, sincerity and creativity. More than a specific genre, Mahamaya Panorama- Demo Reel is the definition of Art.

The experience will also be available on all music platforms in August 2022, stay tuned!

The Mahamaya Experience in details :

Mahamaya for short, accords a set of experimental musical works created by sitar player and composer Ranjit “Mahamaya” Makkuni. Ranjit is also a leading multimedia designer and researcher who is now bringing the expertise from a diversity of visual composition to Mahamaya’s musical works.

The band’s creations highlight a full rhythmical gymnastic experience fusing classical style to infectious raga, kirtana and balinese mullet beats and percussions spanning from opera, funk, pop rock to classical Asian music genres. The music is so diverse that it also touches upon Asian models of ‘psychedelic’ movements popularized in the 1960s by various visual and musical artists.

“The term Mahamaya usually refers to the concept of illusionary, impermanent nature of worldly attachments, and this idea forms a core symbolism of the Goddess traditions in India and other Buddhist representations in Asia,” band founder Ranjit Makkuni says in an interview.

With a distinct showcase of genuine musical ability that do not even demand grandiose lyrics to be perceived and be felt, every composition will take you back to a deeper understanding of the role of spirituality in a world wrecked by the increasing rational determinism of individuals. The band will take you coursing through a transcendental river amidst the chaos of complex human activities and inequities. Moreover, it will get you celebrating multiple facets of culture in the most pleasurable way possible.

Relevant, innovative and timely. The Mahamaya Experience’s music depicts what the world needs at this certain point in time: the oscillating, alternative pause as you continuously drift towards a possibility of myriad decisions in your life — without you losing sight of reality and with you entering euphoric panoramas at the same time.