The ET Boys return with the wonderful “Long Night”

Rare artists are capable of creating new musical worlds and bringing new sonorities to the table. With their latest track “Long Night” The ET Boys enter the category of artists who will go far thanks to their unique creativity.

They know how to innovate and stand out from the crowd.
More than a specific genre, and beyond music, “Long Night” is what we call real ART, made with soul and authentic expression. It unveils a world where psychedelic electro-pop haunts your ears and are rocked by wonderful horns notes.

This is really hard to describe with conventional words, this is a universe that you need to live and discover:

Song’s credit:

-Horns Performed by Grammy award-nominated Ron Haynes and Game Changers
-Track Written by Sharkeyes Vocals by Tacboy
-Produced by ET Boys with Joseph Salamida/Vanquish Studios and Pepper Gomez
-Executive Producer – Pepper Gomez