Listen to the official new version of Violent (Carolesdaughter) by Kobenz

You might have noticed that we rarely review covers at the-further. Minneapolis artist Kobenz is the first one who has caught our attention with a cover, and it is thanks to a new version of Violent, by Carolesdaughter.

Kobenz managed to take us into an intense and rare musical moment thanks to a unique atmosphere, dark and mystic, emotional-driven and electrifying at the same time. The cover unveils an addictive recipe between Hip-Hop and rock, a kind of new trap-rock experience. 

What we admire above all, is the ability for Kobenz to create his world, an authentic artistic dimension, in an area where all artists tend to sound the same. His importance in the alternative Hip-Hop landscape is not a discussion as he proves that he was among the creative who can bring new vibes to the table. 

Believe us, it won’t leave you indifferent, so press play now: