POINT LOBO Unveils Intoxicating New Single “Helen’s Song” and a new EP

Point Lobo is composer for the nation-wide podcast The End Of The World with Josh Clark (of Stuff You Should Know), plays drums for legendary hip hop group The Pharcyde and LA funk breakbeat pioneers Breakestra, and is recording engineer / owner of Grandma’s Dojo studio. Deeply involved in the LA indie music scene, Point Lobo is also a member of groups including the forward-pushing jazz trio GF3, dream-pop song crafters Young Hunting, and psych-folk explorers Moonie Moonie.

Point Lobo is one of the most surprising musicians and composers of the whole summer.

Being known for playing drums for The Pharcyde and his productivity on the LA scene, Point Lobo is a beautiful surprise.

More than a musician, the talented artist mixes genres and artistic disciplines to unveil musical gifts such as Helen’s Song.

The indie pop-rock track unveils a haunting and dreamy universe with hints of lo-fi sonorities, which immerses the audience into a creative and appealing Musial journey.

Point Lobo has also shared an EP entitled “Tacoma Narrows”, which highlights his talent for music and for telling stories.

Point Lobos’ music is worth a listen, so dive into his universe right now: