Sadboyjohn bares his soul on “Drinking Red Wine”

Among the projects that we listen to every day, there is a very particular category consisting of artists with a special recipe and a sincere message. Sadboyjohn is part of the list and we discovered him thanks to the intense and appealing “Drinking Red Wine”. Welcome to his music world!

The upcoming artist from the Bay Area made a strong impression on our redaction thanks to this track that instantly grabs your heart. Unveiling a flawless signature between emo-rap with a haunting, dark yet melodies production, he showcases his talent for sound innovation, while remaining sincere about his feeling and storytelling.

Sadboyjohn invites us into his journey through life hardship and mental issues, a subject that many people can relate to. He delivers his story to an entire generation giving them hope and the feeling that they are not alone. 

Listen to it now:

“Music is therapy for me and when I write my songs it feels like I’m writing in a personal journal. Everything from my drug use to toxic relationships are usually what I speak on the most but I try to cover all topics people don’t tend to talk about but really matter. I just want to change the world one song at a time!” Sadboyjohn.