The addiction of the day: “Another World” by Chris Luciani

Our week continues on the perfect note thanks to the track that will rock our Wednesday: “Another World” by New Jersey artist Chris Luciani. His music had a powerful impact on our redaction and we listen to it out loud in our office. 

The track is a gift for our ears thanks to its authentic signature between rock and anthemic melodies. The instrumentation filled by intoxicating guitars and wild rhythms, is musically perfect, creative and worthy of the greatest. Chris Luciani’s vocal performance and lyrical content brings “Another World” to high level: simply the definition of a hit.

Believe us, it’s fresh air in an industry that tends to go round into circles with the same old tasteless recipes. “Another World” proves that authentic music is not dead. 

 Astonishing, powerful, emotional-driven: the track will send you into an ocean of good sensations. Be ready to feel alive:

“I have discovered that lyrics and composing flow out differently when I am frustrated than when I am happy. It is interesting psychology to see the opportunity that comes from challenge.” Chris Luciani