“Wait for The Thunder”: the track you need this November, by Kev Gray & The Gravy Train

We play “Wait For the Thunder”, by Kev Gray & The Gravy Train, on repeat in our redaction. The soul-funk love song is about the honeymoon period of falling in love, a classical them heading to a gypsy about love.

The title is based on the ancient Greek concept of thunder being an confirmation omen from the Leader of the Gods, Zeus. Throw in a handful of modern-day mysticism and it ends up as a fun warning to those who fall in love way too quick.

“Wait For the Thunder” features a world-wide team of top-notch musicians, who were forced to stop playing live during the COVID pandemic from Japan, U.S., Serbia, UK, Italy, and Germany.  They found together and recorded, mixed and mastered online in a world of separation. First track recordings date back to 2011, which were complemented during the course of 2021-22.  A truly timeless piece of music.  Their message is ‘MUSIC UNITES US’.  ‘Music is UNSTOPPABLE’. 

“Wait For the Thunder” features the incredible:

Lead Vocals – Kev Gray

Sax – Mari Uga

Rhodes – Mami Horano

Acoustic Guitar – Vanja Grastic

Electric Guitars – Vanja Grastic, Chris Cooling

Bass – Forrest Nelson

Drums – Silvio Centamore

Percussion – Larry Salzman

Backing Vocals – Kev Gray, Aliyia Williams

Mixed and Mastered by Paulo Germano at PG Audio, Brazil

Arranged by Produced by Thomas Hilse

Press play right now:

About Kev Gray and The Gravy Train:

My Dad asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up. I said, ‘A musician’. He said, ‘Well you can’t do both’.

Kev Gray and The Gravy Train are an award-winning, multi-genre band based out of England, America and Japan – depending on the weather. Based around the lyrical songwriting of lead singer, Kev Gray, their music is a melting pot of lush melodies from acoustic lounge, folk gospel, bossa, funk, original blues and blue-eyed jazz. A fusion of traditional genres, resulting in an antidote to modern conformity. Soulful vocal textures add a nice polish to contemporary lyrical content that mirror everyday themes – cold feet at the altar, the rat race, having children, escaping responsibility, swingers parties, the inability to grow up. The band’s mission is unashamedly that of bringing music back to the listener.

During the Covid lockdown, Kev embraced the opportunity to reinvent himself as a recording artist and is finalizing a new lockdown-inspired album – Time To Live Again – using fellow musicians from over 30 countries recorded and arranged online by Thomas Hilse.  Singles will build up to the album release during 2021-2023. The new album will show an artist with the rare ability to transcend difficult conditions and creating truly moving music perfectly suited to the chaotic yet incredible times we are living in.

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(Music & Lyrics: Kev Gray)

Gypsy Woman came to town

One day

Smiled, took my hand

Said no need to pay

Face told me a secret

A look I’d seen somewhere before

Said, I gotta tell you something

Keep you from the coming storm

Just wait

For the Thunder

You gotta wait

For that Thunder

Sat me down

Gave me a cup of tea

Looked at those leaves

Said you’d leave me

Said I’ve got to find a sweetheart

A palm to match my very own

Said I need a sign when the lightning strikes

Or I’ll be on my own

So wait

For the Thunder

You gotta wait

For that Thunder

As lightning never strikes when the sky is so blue

Someone’s gotta tell you

you haven’t got a clue

Look for rainy clouds above

Sunshine doesn’t mean it’s love


You will go

Down to the ground

You’ll go

So I tried a little numerology

those number sevens

They wanna be free

Over there, the number of the beast

A number One will make you cry

She’s a number eight, she got Buddha in her eyes

That won’t stop her telling lies

No No No