We take you on a sonic journey with JPRIZM

Today, our ears were serenaded by the enchanting melodies of “Analog Dreams” by JPRIZM, an instrumental track that transported us into an electronic realm filled with reverie. The captivating tones of synthesizers whisked us away on a journey through clouds and light, inviting us to explore the deepest recesses of our imagination.

From the first notes, the cinematic synthesizers pique our curiosity and immerse us in a parallel universe where each sound feels like a visual to behold. The captivating, subtly retro bass reverberates in harmony with our bodies, creating a sensation of weightlessness where we feel almost transported into the unknown.

“Analog Dreams” is a sensory experience to be fully savored. Whether driving on the highway, watching landscapes pass by through the window, or immersing ourselves in our favorite films, this piece always finds its place, adding an extra dimension to our moments of contemplation.

With its cinematic hue, “Analog Dreams” by JPRIZM is an invitation to escape. Press play!

“Somewhere in 1984, I’m cruising down the highway with the beach on one side and the sunset lighting up the sky. One hand on the wheel and the other on the shift as I speed in my ride with a Roland Juno in the front seat. I pop in a cassette tape of my newly recorded single. This is ANALOG DREAMS.” JPRIZM