“With You” is the new irresistible single by the talented Umut

Our redaction is glad to introduce you to our beautiful discovery of the day entitled “With You”, by the talented Umut. A promising song that you will listen on repeat.

The producer, composer, singer, songwriter born and raised in Turkey and now based in New York, first started in a band called Barakabeat. In his song “With you”, he delivers an irresistIble vibe and we appreciate this perfect blend of genres. DelighTful touches of Soul, addictive guitars and vocal lines, “With You” is beautifully produced.

Umut has a sweet and tender recognizable tone of voice, which makes you feel good and want to sing out loud with him. With “With You”, Umut will make some head spin…No doubt!

The song is now in our Spotify playlist BEST OF THE MONTH. Discover without further ado the video clip:

Keep an eye on Umut and follow his steps: