Kindness the Doer (Formally known as KINDNESS), is building a buzz online and making an impact.

He has a signature sound and move that includes Southern Gospel Rap& also doing backflips with no hands. He has a slate of mixtape that will be online very soon and will be leading up to his full length music project, the first under his label, this fall.

We are excited to see this artist grow with his music including his 2022 EP entitled “THE LOST TRIBE OF JUDAH” that is set to be on streaming platforms with a potential tour engagement.

August aka Kindness the Doer is working hard (and it shows)! He has each music project and idea for his label known as GOOD NEWZ Ent a Division of STRAIGHT OUTTA THE WORD LLC.

He is hoping to reach millions of streams this summer and be featured on Major playlist, blogs and magazine, and performance opportunities.

This artist is hoping to be making music for decades to come and is very excited about the doors that GOD is opening for him.

To get a feel for this artist, follow him on Instagram known as @doperapperfeed @dopeministryfeed.