Our revelation of the season : Glitterati, CaliStar’s EP

CaliStar, real name Calista Wu, the rising sensation in the music industry, has released an EP that encapsulates the essence of a moonlit drive through the glamorous streets of Los Angeles. Titled “Glitterati,” this pop project is a mesmerizing blend of contemporary pop and R&B, showcasing CaliStar’s unique musical style and artistic vision.

From “Ethereal lover”, filled with infectious electro-pop melodies, to “Don’t Give Up”, an epic anthem, the EP only contains hits. At the heart of the EP lies its main single, “Glitterati” feat Kiyoné, a track serving as a sonic representation of the electrifying energy pulsating through the artist’s heart. A delightful mixture between r’n’b and hip-hop, offering haunting melodies and hard-hitting beats. With its infectious hooks, and CaliStar’s smooth vocal delivery, “Glitterati” captures an euphoric atmosphere that pulls listeners into its magnetic embrace.

The incredible opus takes the listener on a journey through the various facets of modern pop, skillfully blending elements of R&B and electronic music, each song showcasing CaliStar’s versatility as an artist, and charismatic personality.

Drawing inspiration from the city’s undeniable allure, CaliStar‘s music shines a spotlight on the glitz, glamour, and endless possibilities that Los Angeles has to offer. CaliStar is poised to leave an indelible mark on the pop music scene, captivating audiences with her irresistible sound and undeniable talent. Dive into “Glitterati” :

Website: https://calistarentertainment.com FollowCaliStar

Instagram: https://instagram.com/caliwu YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/calistarmusic Facebook:https://facebook.com/calistarmusic Twitter:https://twitter.com/calistawu TikTok:https://tiktok.com/@caliwu AppleMusic:https://music.apple.com/us/artist/calistar/1585186857 Linktree:https://linktr.ee/calistar

“Glitterati is an invitation for people to shine, not just externally with clothing or accessories and not just by being part of certain crowds or red carpets. It represents the pursuit of being your true self, even if it’s multi-faceted and doesn’t fit into just one box,” CaliStar.